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    Improve workflow efficiency by providing a fast and easy tool for submitting work requests.

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    Tools needed to manage maintenance productivity in a simple and affordable cmms application.

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    View, track and edit work orders on smartphones, tablets or desktops.

The Best Work Order Management Software around & Non profit friendly

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  • What can Maxpanda do for you? It centrally manages your entire Maintenance Management flow for Submitted and Scheduled Preventative Maintenance routines. Simple to learn, fun and darn powerful.
  • Maxpanda is compatible with any smartphone, tablet and web browser supporting 2.0 technology. IE 10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari. Review us on the Google Chrome Store.
  • Maxpanda has superpowers! Well not exactly, but it's as fast as a bullet and grows as big as you like. Let us prove it with a seven day free trial. Still doubt us? Request a free demo.
  • Are you still working with spreadsheets, phone calls and paper? That's a good thing, we can import your current data into your account overnight for free. Read more on how we do this.
  • White-label Maxpanda CMMS. Add your company information in the dashboard. Include your details in each work order and invoice. Define work categories, asset types, locations etc...
  • Coordinate your data globally. Allow maintenance staff to view, edit and complete work orders through smartphones & tablets ensuring instant updates to head office.
  • Communicate in your own Language. Admins can set multiple default headers and category listings in any language using your local computer settings. Gestión de mantenimiento para todos!


  • Quick Support

  • Multiple Users

  • Cloud Computing

  • Cost Reduction

  • Technical support within your Maintenance Software dashboard. Imagine your staff or clients never having to contact a technical support agent ever again. Each Maxpanda account comes with a personal technical support agent accessed within your cmms dashboard. Granted you'll rarely use it, but when you need us we'll always be there to optimize your Maintenance Management Software experience. Need help setting up your Preventative Maintenance Software account, no problem - Maxpanda CMMS.

  • How many USERS can I invite into my Work Order Management Software account? Unlimited. This applies to internal / external staff, vendors, submitters, tenants, editors and maintenance staff. Select users can upload up to 10 Meg files to any work order. Files such as o&m manuals or mobile pictures for inspections are attached seamlessly to keep your Facilities Preventative Maintenance running at 100%. We process over 12,000 work orders daily and growing. Client types range from small manufacturers to national corporations.

  • Your data is stored on secure, always-updated, backed-up daily enterprise-class servers in multiple state-of-the-art data centers. With Maxpanda Computerized Maintenance Management System there’s nothing to download or install. Just log in with any web-browser you already use such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. Our software uses SSL online encryption. Your Facilities Maintenance Software data is 100% safe and secure from any type of dragon.

  • Now you can cost-justify real changes in your preventive maintenance routines with quantifiable information using Maxpanda Preventative Maintenance Software. Preventive maintenance software accurately schedules and predicts the reliability and cost effects of preventive maintenance changes before they are made. Track assets using multiple independent dimensions in real-time for equipment or space work orders. Run reports daily or monthly. Our API also connects to your existing software for greater ease of transfering data from your system to ours.

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Why chooseMaxpanda?

We're positive you'll find Maxpanda to be a world class maintenance management software tool for your business. That's why we offer an initial 7 day free access period when you purchase any one of our plans. This grace period can provide you more than enough time to personalize your Maxpanda account the way you want. Need help importing large data or creating a physical asset count for your properties? Contact us - our Project Managers are ready to assist.
Traditionally, work order software companies appreciate it when they lock you into a contract. Once locked in, you and your data are at their mercy. Maxpanda is here to give you all the tools (and moral support) that you need to manage your team and your clients work order requests. And we do it all for less with no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay. There are no hidden fees or term contracts. Maxpanda accepts credit card payments through Paypal's Subscription Services.
What you see is what you pay. Use your 7 day free trial period to familiarize yourself with your account. Setup up your teams, contractor information, assets, preventative maintenance work orders, buildings and locations. The best part is that you don't have to enter this information right away. We've built Maxpanda to be adaptive to your time table. Need a new work order placed on an asset that is not in the software? Enter the asset information on the fly and apply the work order to it. Edit the asset later on when you have more time to capture the serial number and other pertinent data.
All our paid pricing plans are charged monthly on your credit card. Increase / Decrease your plan as you see fit. Found a better solution than Maxpanda (rare but might happen) simply export all your data into a cvs/excel/pdf file formats and cancel your plan when your ready.

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