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GoMAX! Mobile Maintenance Software App

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Maxpanda is for everyone and everything

Providing you and your team with all the right tools and moral support to manage your work orders through a simple yet powerful computerized maintenance management software in the cloud

Grows with you

Maxpanda grows with your timeline. Start small grow big. Plans include up to 100 SITES (sub accounts). Starter plans $26/month.

Rocket Blast Fast

Your data and ours sit in the cloud, the Amazon Web Service Cloud. Nothing beats global elastic cloud computing.

Upload Download Data

Work directly with our product managers to upload all your data in 1 easy step. Simple, quick and free to all friends.

Unlimited User Accounts

Unlimited secure logins - never pay by seats or licenses ever again. Unlimited buildings, locations, assets, parts and more.

No Training Required

If you can play a video game, you can run your entire maintenance operation with no training. We're here 24/7.

True Mobile Workforce

Instant email, push and vibe notifications on your iOS or Android devices. Free for your team as well as contractors.

Simplifying Maintenance Management

The term preventive maintenance refers to the practice of regularly servicing equipment on a predetermined schedule so it doesn't develop catastrophic failures and performs better over its useful life cycle.

Built by Client feedback

Each and every we rollout new features driven by active clients. Have an amazing idea? In a few days it's live for you and your entire team.

Easy to customize

From the dashboard, guest poral & your preventative maintenance schedules - customize Maxpanda CMMS the way you want it to work for your business.

Cross-browser compatibility

Chrome, IE & Firefox browsers rock! Don't worry we have you covered. Maxpanda CMMS works on any browser using current web security standards.

Good for the $oul

Extend the useful lifecycle of your assets decreasing the need for capital replacements. Enhance the performance of your assets by increasing uptime.

Advantages to web software

All your data is centralized and accessible over the web from any computer at any time. Everything is stored in one place on Amazon's Web Services.

Actual human support

Tech support available world wide with 2 dedicated technical offices for all of our clients. Need help overcoming a small hurdle? We're here 24/7.


Steve K
Product Specialist & Cofounder

Steve assists clients get setup properly with Maxpanda. He's also the middle man between the client and feature requests. Have a new idea for Maxpanda CMMS? Send it to Steve.


Gary D
Lead Architect & Cofounder

Gary ensures your data is secure. With over 20 years of enterprise data management it's probably the most important job @ Maxpanda CMMS. Gary ensures your I.T. manager sleeps at night.


Maxwell D
Marketing & Support

Maxwell not only helps drive our marketing efforts world wide, but with a degree in computer science he also manages the North American technical support channel.

Our story

Pressures from the real world are driving computerized maintenance management, work order maintenance management aoftware and enterprise asset management (CMMS / EAM) software vendors to rethink not only the product itself, but how a service industry can help management achieve lower maintenance costs. The cmms software of today has to be quite consolidated in functionality and feature rich with instant ROI. Growing importance is how well a cmms vendor can support the variety of needs for these companies scattered around the globe (ie multiple language) and consolidation across multiple business units or buildings.

Maxpanda Work Order CMMS Software offers a suite of tools that includes integrated asset management, inventory management and preventive maintenance. Our system is web-based, allowing users to access it from anywhere. Property Managers and Facility Directors can choose how they would like to track their assets in real time. Maintenance related costs flow directly into the accounting package and users are alerted of the updates through push notifications. Customers can submit requests through any web-accessible browser, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and requests are routed in a routine fashion. After a request has been submitted and approved by the Admin, it’s then converted to a work order where users are notified per status through email, desktop, push and vibe notifications.

Kim's story

"We started out being a little apprehensive at first as we we're new to this type of software. Our entire maintenance department has been using paper notes and spreadsheets for decades. This was not working and for obvious reasons, we could not track history proprerly. So we moved forward with a free 15 day Maxpanda trial. We compared Maxpanda's features and monthly subscriptions to other cmms software. We don't let things fall through the cracks, not any more." - K. Dawson, Superintendent, High Valley School Division.

Pricing & Plans

No Setup Costs · No Contracts · Monthly Yearly Subscriptions · Unsubscribe Anytime

  • Starter

    • 50 monthly work orders
    • Oversee 5 Sites with Unlimited
    • Users Buildings Assets Parts
  • Enhanced

    • 150 monthly work orders
    • Oversee 15 Sites with Unlimited
    • Users Buildings Assets Parts
  • most popular


    • 350 monthly work orders
    • Oversee 25 Sites with Unlimited
    • Users Buildings Assets Parts
  • Professional

    • 500 monthly work orders
    • Oversee 50 Sites with Unlimited
    • Users Buildings Assets Parts

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